Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Toy Story: Barrel of Monkeys

While not an "official" Toy Story product, Milton Bradley's real life Barrel of Monkeys is a prevalent toy seen multiple times throughout all three Toy Story films and in the Toon Hawaiian Vacation. Since the game was created in 1965 (by Lakeside Toys, later sold to MB), this classic, timeless toy has had many versions/colors released and is still produced to this today.

In Toy Story, Andy's Barrel of Monkeys is yellow with red that's what I needed to track down for my collection since I wanted it to be as screen accurate as possible.

Of course, the yellow barrel did not originally ever come with red moneys. The red monkeys came with the red barrel, the yellow monkeys came with the yellow barrel and so on. I lucked out though and found this one recently (perfect vintage condition) on eBay, which included a bunch red and yellow monkeys from the seller!

The yellow barrel can be a hard version to track down. This color wasn't produced as much as the other colors over the decades and is not among the assortment today. Today, you'll mostly just find red, green and blue barrels available. The one I have here is Milton Bradley's 1989 version, but the yellow barrels released previous to this (say, from the 60's and 70's) are also Toy Story accurate.

In the 90's, I got a red Barrel of Monkeys (since yellow had stopped being produced) to go with my Toy Story collection (see my original post HERE), but have never been completely satisfied with it since it Andy's barrel is yellow in the film. Sorry red barrel, you've now officially been replaced!

There are some listings for these vintage yellow barrels on eBay currently (some with red monkeys!), so head there now using this direct link if you're looking to track this down: Vintage Yellow Barrel of Monkeys

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