Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wall·E: Disney Store Bean Bag Plush

A few nights ago, I walked out into our front room to find this little Wall·E plush by my computer with a little note! My wife Brita surprised me with it as a thank you for everything I did for her to make her recent birthday special (she connected this present to that by saying that all the nice things I did for her reminded her of all the nice things Wall·E did for Eve). I was so excited to get this little present and can't thank Brita enough for always being so thoughtful.

This is a "mini" bean bag plush that stands about 7" tall and is made from a very soft plush fabric (with embroidered detailing - such as the front control panel). There have many Wall·E plushes released over the years (see a bunch of them HERE), but this is by far my favorite. All the rest seem a bit "off" to me, but this one captures the character perfectly in a cute, stylized way; not to mention how soft he is.

However, I wasn't as impressed with the design of Eve (seen HERE), so this Wall·E plush will be alone for a while until a mini plush Eve becomes available that I really like. 

When we were at the Disney Store last month, Brita saw how much I liked this plush - so she sneakily bought it for me without me knowing. I just thought it was so cool that something new from Wall·E had come out, since that really doesn't happen very often. It's currently sold out online (since this was first available back in early November), but it still may be still available at your local Disney Store. 

If you're having trouble finding this, no worries. You can currently find it on Amazon and eBay for very decent prices. Hurry though, since it may become harder to find!

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