Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Toy Story: Video Game CD-ROM

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Who remembers the original Toy Story "Power Play" video game? If you were a fan of the film in the 90's, you probably either had it, played it or at least seen it. This game was released on CD-ROM for Windows PC in October 1996 (which was the platform I played it on since I didn't grow up with video game consoles). Almost identical versions were also released for Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and Game Boy as well.

I haven't played this game all the way through for many years, but I remember having a lot of fun with it as a kid. I still have the disc at home, but not with me; I'm not even sure if it works on today's computers. But thanks to YouTuber JohnnyDFox, I was able to capture gameplay screenshots and relive the old memories of playing the game. Hopefully this brings back some nostalgia for you as well!

The levels are as follows (there were 17 levels in the PC version and 18 in the Genesis/Nintendo versions):

Level 1: That Old Army Game

Level 2: Red Alert! 

Level 3: Ego Check 

Level 4: Nightmare Buzz

Level 5: A Buzz Clip

Level 6: Revenge of the Toys

Level 7: Run Rex, Run!

Level 8: Buzz Battle

Level 9: Food and Drink

Level 10: Inside the Claw Machine 

Level 11: Really Inside the Claw Machine (not on the Windows PC version)

Level 12: The Claw! 

Level 13: Sid's Workbench

Level 14: Battle of the Mutant Toys 

Level 15: Roller Bob

Level 16: Day-Toy-Na

Level 17: Light My Fire 

Level 18: Rocket Man

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