Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cars: The King (Strip Weathers)

From the original Cars, here we have Mattel's 1:55 scale diecast release of Strip Weathers, or better known as "The King." This character has been released and re-released many times over the years, but the one I have here is part of the original 2006 "Dessert Series."

In the film, Strip "The King" Weathers is one of the main race cars competing for the Piston Cup against Lightning Mcqueen and Chick Hicks (after their three-way tie).

There are also a few different versions of this character out there as well, such a damaged "The King", a metallic finish version and one with a Piston Cup accessory. In addition, his wife "Mrs. The King" has also been released several times (seen HERE).

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