Saturday, February 21, 2015

Radiator Springs 500 1/2: Walmart 3-Pack

In late May 2014, Disney·Pixar released their most recent Cars Toon ("Tales from Radiator Springs") called The Radiator Springs 500 1/2. The short was released exclusively online via the Disney Movies Anywhere app (if you missed it originally, you can currently watch it HERE).

Not long after the release of the Toon, Mattel released a collection of awesome diecast cars based on characters from the film (see my full write-up on those HERE) and a playset (seen HERE).

Luckily for us Cars diecast fans, even more new characters from RS 500 1/2 are now starting to be released! One of the cars I was hoping would become available has now been released in a Walmart exclusive 3-pack..."Stanley Day" Ramone! Pixar never ceases to give Ramone super cool paint jobs in all the Cars films/toons and this one is no exception. Such a cool design!

As mentioned, this Ramone is only available in this 3-pack. The other cars included here, who were already released in the single packs, are Off-Road Lightning Mcqueen and Shifty Sidewinder. Because I needed this Ramone, but already had the other two, I actually ended up just returning my single packs of Lightning and Shifty to the store to pay for this set (plus I didn't need duplicates of them).

This set is available at Walmart stores now. I found this one back in December so it's been out for a little while. Check yours for availability and good luck on the hunt!

Note: Future characters in this diecast line include Fillmore (with jugs) and Sarge (with canopy) as well as a new track set (Tailpipe Cavern). Look for those here soon as well!

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