Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cars 2: Mack Truck Playset

Here is everyone's favorite semi-truck, Mack from Cars 2! This Mack is almost exactly the same as the Mack released from the original Cars. The only difference is the outside picture is just a little different and now adds the Piston Cup logo. Also, Mack's forehead/hat is now red when previously white. The inside is exactly the same. This Mack includes one Cars 2 diecast...Lightning Mcqueen of course! Mack is an all plastic vehicle but is meant for use/play with Mattel's 1:55 scale diescast line.

Check the back of the package below for all the awesome play features!

 Mack has appeared on shelves MANY times since the release of the original Cars in many different ways. This playset, like mentioned, is almost exactly the same Mack that was released in the first line of cars back in 2006, the "supercharged" line, "the world of cars" line and so on. It has appeared in almost every line since its initial release yet is still very pricey on eBay and Amazon for some reason. This Mack sells for about $60-$80.

Mack has also appeared as other "Mega" playsets (with pop open playworlds), diecast vehicles and many different carrying cases. This is the only Mack I have since, admittedly, I only started collecting cars (more seriously) with the release of Cars 2 but have come a LONG way in only 2 years catching up with all the older cars. The latest 2013 re-releases have really helped me catch up even though I know hardcore Cars collectors are sick of them and just want new characters.  : )

I'm not interested in getting all the Macks out there (all the carrying cases, haulers, playsets and what not) but I was actually really drawn to this one that I don't have (images are from Google and are not my own):

I really love movie/scene specific playsets and this one looks really fun as it captures some really key moments from the film. Does anyone have it? Let me know, if you do, how you like it! I'm looking to track it down since it has become pretty hard to find. I know that there was a Cars 2 version of this (that opened up to World Grand Prix scenes rather than Radiator Springs), but that one didn't do it for me like this one above. Any help would be really appreciated!

Anyway, thanks again for checking out today's post and be sure to come back daily for updates from my Pixar collection!

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