Friday, July 27, 2018

Incredibles 2: Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Baseball Cap

pixar studio store incredibles 2 logo baseball hat

This incredibly awesome Incredibles 2 inspired Pixar logo baseball cap is a Pixar Studio Store exclusive and was sent to me by my good friend and supporter, Disney freelance artist Jerrod Maruyama! As an artist who often works closely with Pixar, Jerrod is invited to the studio every now and then for research and is always kind enough to hook me up with some exclusive merch. A big thanks to him for sending this over to me as a surprise in a recent Pixar care package.
I just think it's totally brilliant how the Incredibles 2 "i" icon stands in for the "i" in Pixar. Such a clever design. I'm so lucky and grateful to have this rare item and to be able to document it on here for all you to check out! I'm a big time sucker for any minimal Pixar logo type stuff, especially when it's a Pixar Studio Store item (which, just as a reminder, is not open to the public).

This hat looks and fits great (this is coming from someone who's super picky about the hats I wear). I love it! If you have the chance the shop there at the store anytime soon, this is something I can absolutely recommend picking up. Let me know your thoughts down below! 

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