Monday, July 9, 2018

Disneyland Pixar Character Push Pen

disney pixar ball character pen disneyland

This awesome Pixar inspired pen became available last month at the Disneyland Resort parks, just in time for the grand opening of Pixar Pier! Another huge thank you to my thoughtful and generous friend Paulina who sent this over to me recently as a little surprise. I absolutely love it! 

The screen art on the pen features a bunch of the classic (and most beloved) Pixar pals/duos. All my faves! There's Dory, Nemo, Buzz, Woody, WALL·E, Eve, Dug, Russell, Mike and Sulley. The pen is of course also topped with, and this is my favorite aspect, the famed and iconic Pixar Ball! Just give it a push to activate the pen. As a huge Pixar Ball collector (I think this is the 11th that can be found on display in my home office), this was a most welcomed acquisition.

disney pixar ball character pen disneyland

This pen was purchased at the Pixar Pier "Knick's Knacks" gift shop, but was also spotted at the Elias & Co. store there in California Adventure as well. Let me know if you've seen it anywhere else to help people on here find it that much more easily! Retail is $7.99.

disney pixar ball character pen disneylanddisney pixar ball character pen disneyland

If you're able to visit Disneyland anytime soon, I deem this a must have for all you Pixar mega fans out there. Be sure to let me know your thoughts and/ or any questions you might have in the comments below!

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