Thursday, July 12, 2018

Disney·Pixar Bao Apple iOS Sticker Pack NOW AVAILABLE!

pixar bao itunes apple stickers

Ever feel the need to express yourself by means of an adorable illustrated dumpling child? Well now you can, thanks to the Disney·Pixar Bao Sticker Pack available in the Apple App Store for IOS users! These became available last week and, like the previously released Pixar stickers, these have some pretty cute motion/animation to them. These little stickers are meant to be dragged and dropped into your texts to add some Disney magic to your conversations. With 24 stickers to choose from, there's one for just about any emotion or scenario!

• Hi                              • Hearts                               • What
• OK                            • Don't Wanna Move         • Huh?
• Thank you               • Hot                                    • Don't Wanna Explain
• Hungry                    • No Comment                   • Angry
• Happy                      • Shrug                               • Poke
• Hearts                     • Pull                                    • Is That So?
• Laugh                      • Bye                          
• Steamy                    • Scared                      
• Crying                     • Life is So Tough        

Remember, you can even resize and rotate the stickers (using two fingers in the classic touch screen manner), stack them and place them on photos/iMessages within the thread.

pixar bao itunes apple stickers
pixar bao itunes apple stickers

I'm not sure who the artist behind these stickers is, so please let me know if you're aware! I always like to give credit when I can when it comes to art like this. You may have even noticed that these images have also been used on some Bao apparel at the Disney Store (see THIS shirt and THIS one). It's crazy to see how much love Bao is getting in the consumer product department! Much more than usual for a Pixar short. I love it.

Retail for this pack is $1.99. If you love Pixar's latest short film Bao as I do, then downloading these to your iPhone is a no-brainer! You'll have fun. I know I'll be getting some good use out of these (especially when texting my wife). Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below! 

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