Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Incredibles 2: Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Dash T-Shirt

pixar studio store incredibles 2 dash tee shirt

Following yesterday's post, here's yet another AWESOME Pixar Studio Store exclusive item sent to me by my good friends over at (a huge thanks to them :)—check out this dashing burgundy Incredibles 2 inspired men's tee featuring the speedster of the Parr family, the energetic Dash! It wasn't quite in my plan to post on this shirt today, but I actually ended up wearing it to see Incredibles 2 this morning (finally got to see it for a second time and was able to show it to my wife) and figured there was no better time to snag some pics.

The amazingly stylized Dash screen art here was done St├ęphane Kardos, director of character art at Disney Consumer Products! How cool is it, right? If you like what you see and would like to see more of St├ęphane's work, be sure to check out his site HERE, his Twitter HERE and his Instagram HERE.

On the back near the neckline (as usual with these Studio Store tees), it reads "Pixar Animation Studios Emeryville, CA." That little touch never gets old!

pixar studio store incredibles 2 dash tee shirt

I love this shirt! It looks cool as heck, it's soft and fits great (not to mention it's totally my favorite color to wear). If you happen to have the opportunity to shop at the Studio Store in the near future, be on the lookout for this one. Highly recommended! Let me know any thoughts you might have down in the comments below.

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