Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Toy Story: Mattel "Minis" Blind Packs (NEW Series 6!!)

mattel toy story minis series 6 blind bags

SERIES 6 of the adorable Toy Story "Minis" collection is here! This new wave of blind bags started hitting stores across the US back in May, but only just began showing up at Walmarts in my area. It's about time! I was thrilled when I finally stumbled upon them yesterday. If you've been following along here with me for any amount of time, you probably know I've been an avid collector of these mini figures since they debuted in 2016 and I absolutely love the way their stylized. To catch up on any of my previous posts related to this line, you can check them out using the links below:
All caught up? OK perfect...Let's move on to checking out who's in this latest series!

mattel toy story minis series 6 blind bags

This series, as usual, includes 12 characters total (though most of them have been previously released; see them all on the back of the bag above). The only three that are NEW to this series are Chunk, Pizza Planet Alien (NEW closed eye version) and, the "Special Edition" this time around, Hawaiian Vacation Woody (based on the Toy Story Toon short film!). They're the ones I'll be taking a look at today.

Take a detailed look below, each with their blind bag code (which is printed on the back bottom right corner of each bag) to hopefully help you find them more easily.

mattel toy story minis series 6 blind bags chunk

mattel toy story minis series 6 blind bags alien

 toy story minis series 6 blind bags hawaiian vacation woody
 toy story minis series 6 blind bags hawaiian vacation woody

Once again as a reminder, these are MINI figures; like seriously mini. They stand just over an inch tall, are made of hard plastic and have very limited articulation (as in most of their heads and turn, but that's about it). Retail price for each blind pack is $2.88.

I sure wish there were more than three new characters in this series, but hey, I love who we got so I can't complain too much! The Chunk looks awesome, the alien variation is adorable and it's totally amazing to have a version of Woody based on his appearance in Hawaiian Vacation. I love his look and especially his cute removable straw hat! There's never any merch based on that short released these days, so how cool is it that Mattel included that one here!? Very similar to how they included Partysaurus Rex in the last series—keep the Toy Story Toon characters coming! I love it.

toy story minis series 6
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Well there we have it folks! If you're interested in tracking these down for yourself, be sure to check you local Walmart (again, that's where I found mine and where reports across the US are coming from). Let me know your thoughts below (I love to hear which ones are your favorites) and shout out who you'd like to see made next in this line! I'm holding out hope for Series 7 to hit soon with even MORE new characters (and, side note, I really hope Mattel did not cancel the "Minis" Pizza Planet Playset that was revealed last year).

See ya'll back here real soon!

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