Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Cars: Frank Pinkerton

cars mattel frank pinkerton diecast review

Hey Disney·Pixar Cars fans! I'm back with a quick look at yet another Mattel 1:55 scale diecast...Frank Pinkerton! This character was originally only available in a 2009 Toys R Us exclusive 5-Pack called "Sarge's Bootcamp" (seen HERE) and didn't get the single card treatment until this release in the fall of 2018—almost a decade later! The 5-pack was released before I got really into Cars collecting, so I missed it initially. I'm glad Frank here was made available once again so I could finally add him to my collection! This "Deluxe" size release is part of the 2018 "Radiator Springs" sub-series.

As shown in the screenshot above, Frank is seen during the end credits of the original Cars (during the hilarious little Sarge's SUV Boot Camp snippet). He appears next to T.J. Hummer (who I have; seen HERE), Charlie Cargo (HERE) and Murphy (who will be reviewing soon).

cars mattel frank pinkerton diecast review

You most likely won't find this one in stores at this point, but if you're still looking to add Frank Pinkerton to your Cars collection, I'll include an Amazon link down below for your convenience. I highly recommend tracking down all the boot camp attendees if possible! It's a fun little scene to recreate.

Happy hunting!

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