Saturday, March 21, 2020

Toy Story 4: Antique Shop Gift Set (Mattel 7" Action Figure Collection)

mattel toy story 4 combat carl figures

By now you all know the love I have for Mattel's 7" scale Toy Story 4 action figure collection. It's the best and SO fun! If you missed it, be sure to check out my complete write-up on this award winning assortment HERE. Last fall, one of the last items to be released in this line for 2019 was this "Antique Shop" gift set (sold exclusively at Kohl's for $49.99). I'll be honest, this set is both awesome and frustrating! I'll tell you why...

The only reason I got this set is because it includes two exclusive figures (two total must haves)— Combat Carl Jr. and Volcano Attack Combat Carl Jr.! Other than those two though, I already had the six others characters that are included here: Buzz Lightyear, Gabby Gabby, Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, Woody and Forky. So yah, frustration number one is that collectors need to fork out $50 to get two small characters they couldn't get otherwise (unless this is the first set in your collection and you use it as a starter). Luckily I got this on sale for around $30 after Christmas, but still. I get it though, that's just the life of a toy collector! Toy companies have done this kind of thing for ages.

mattel toy story 4 antique shop gift set
mattel toy story 4 antique shop gift set

The second reason I feel a little let down with this set is because they only included two of the three Combat Carl Jr. figures from Toy Story 4. I have no idea why Mattel didn't produce the Ice Attack Combat Carl here to complete the iconic trio. I mean come on, the Ice Attack Combat Carl gets no high fives and no figure?? What gives? ;) I'm still holding out hope he's made, but I'm just not sure why he wasn't included here.

I will say, the packaging for this set looks neat and I really like the antique shop backdrop/overall theming.

mattel toy story 4 combat carl figures

The only figures I'll be focusing in on here are the Combat Carls (since I already featured the other six in my original blog post). All my other complaints aside, these are totally awesome figures! They have great likenesses to the characters from the film and some surprisingly good articulation (the head can swivel, the arms/shoulders/legs are on ball joints and the knees can bend). The paint application could have been a quite a bit more detailed (compare to the movie screen shot above), but this line hasn't really been the most detailed when it comes to paint anyway. I just love that we have these characters as part of this line and I'm happy with how they turned out! Keep this line going Mattel, the more characters the better (especially more obscure side characters like this).

Both of the Combat Carl Jr. figures stand right at 3" tall.

mattel toy story 4 combat carl figures

What are your thoughts? Do you hope Ice Attack Combat Carl gets released in some way as well? Did you pick this set up for your collection? What other characters would you like to see made? Let me know down in the comment section below!

Find this at your local Kohl's or online HERE— still available and on sale! 

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