Sunday, May 3, 2020

Monsters Inc.: "Scare Pack" (7" Action Figures by Mattel!)

mattel monsters inc scare pack action figures

They scare because they care! Right at the start of the year, Mattel released their brand new Pixar 7" posable action figure collection featuring characters from across many of Pixar's classic films (a branch off of their award winning Toy Story 4 action figure range from last year, which also expanded to Onward as well). Well the collection continues to grow in an exciting way with the release of this Monsters Inc. inspired 4-Pack of figures dubbed "Scare Pack"! This set includes Mike Wazowski, Sulley, Boo and an exclusive Randall. So exciting!

The Mike, Sulley and Boo are exactly the same as the single-pack releases (which I already reviewed HERE), but how could I pass up adding Randall to my collection? This Randall has not been released as an individual figure, so this is currently the only way to get him. Sure, if I knew this set was coming, I would have just waited to get them all here, but oh well.

Since I already shared my thoughts on the other figures (and the line as a whole), this post will just be focusing in on Randall. First though, how amazing did the design team at Mattel do on this packaging!? All the details and subtle Monsters Inc. touches are just phenomenal; on the front and back! The presentation of the figures and artwork on the inside of the window box are fantastic too (love how one side of the backdrop is a door opening to Paris and the other side is the door vault). It's all perfection.

mattel monsters inc scare pack action figures

Here is Randall out of the box! He looks outstanding—such a great figure. I'm so impressed with his sculpt (perfect character likeness), paint app and all the points of articulation he has! He's a sturdy plastic figure and measures 6.5" tall. This whole line is the perfect scale for kids to play with and adult collectors to display. Job well done Mattel.

The only thing I wish here is that one or two more accessories were included. A scream canister or a door station (or even Mike's work helmet as seen on the back of the box) would have taken this pack to the next level. No biggie though, just a thought!

mattel monsters inc scare pack action figures randall
mattel monsters inc scare pack action figures randall

There really hasn't been a Randall figure like this since the original one by Hasbro released in 2001 (lights and sounds, seen HERE), so this is really exciting for me and pretty nostalgic seeing Monsters Inc. toys on the shelf again after all these years. You can find this pack at Target (that's where I found mine and I believe it's the only store that currently carries it) for $29.99. Let me know your thoughts down below! Will you be picking this Scare Pack up for your collection?

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