Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cars 2: Alexander Hugo with Party Hat and Mary Esgocar

Every year, Kmart has a special "Cars Event Day" in the fall where they have Pixar cars that are exclusive to that day, first available on that day, or just hard to find. These cars, Alexander Hugo with party hat and Mary Esgocar, were available at the event from last October, 2012.

From what I've heard from stories of other Kmart Cars days, they get pretty packed with lots of fans trying to get the latest cars. Typically, there is usually a raffle and, if you get your ticket chosen, you have first dibs opening a brand new case.

For me, I live in a small college town currently. My Kmart Cars days are not packed in the slightest. In fact, funny story, when I went to this Cars day to grab these cars, there were more cases to open then there were people there. Two employees stood there by the table with the cases of cars and said "welcome to the cars event" in very monotone voices (it was like straight out of a funny movie). "We are now going to have a raffle to see who gets a case to open all to themselves." They then realized that the only people there were me and a little old lady and, since they had four cases, they scrapped the raffle and just gave us our own cases to open and look through.

These were the cars I wanted and I snagged them with ease (along with a free Cars diecast poster they were also giving away). They also had silver edition racers that day but was not interested in those.

Below is a picture from that morning:
And there we have it! Cars Day 2012. Good times...If you never knew about these events before, definitely keep tabs on when the 2014 one will be held so you don't miss out! I will, of course, have the info when it arrives next year. Stay tuned and check back daily for more items from my Pixar collection! If you're a Cars fan, there will be plenty more coming!

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