Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cars 2: Spy Jet Escape Track Set

Here is the Mattel Cars 2 Spy Jet Escape track set! Here you can recreate the exiting Japanese Airport escape scene from the film.
 This is one of 5 other track sets that connect to make an awesome chain reaction! The others include Stunt Ramp Getaway, Barrel Blowout, Tokyo Spinout, Cliffside Challenge and the Big Bentley Breakout. Look for more posts on these track sets soon!

This set comes with one 1:55 scale plastic Mater and a small launching plastic Siddeley the Spy Jet. It works with diecast cars as well.

Here is a brief video of the set in action. Of course, it's much more exiting once all the other 5 track sets are connected:

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