Monday, December 2, 2013

Cars: Fabulous Hudson Hornet

23 days till Christmas! Here is the new holiday 2013 package edition of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet 1:55 scale car from Mattel! This particular version has "lenticular eyes." 

When the Cars diecasts were first released, I wasn't the completest I am today. When I got the Fabulous Hudson Hornet crew-chief car (with headset) back a few years ago, I figured that was good enough...but these days I recognized that I needed the character without the headset (as seen in the film right after the final big race and during the credits) as well if I was going to feel like my collection was really complete. : )

I was super happy when I saw that Mattel had just released this character again...not in the mainstream lineup of 2013 cars but only in this Christmas/Holiday packaging. That works for me since I don't care what package he's in, as long as I get the character!

One of the main reasons to be exited about the Hudson Hornet's return to stores is because, if you missed him back during his initial release, he can be very hard to track down online for a decent price. He usually sells, even just loose, for pretty expensive prices ($20 +).

I found this one at my local Fed Meyer grocery store and he was 20% off! He was not in the main Cars isle, but was found on a display stand (with the other 2013 Christmas edition cars) near the toy section (seen below).

I only started checking Fred Meyer for Pixar toys a few months ago. Before then, I had never even heard of it. I looked up to see if I had one near me one day after someone tweeted about a good find that they had found there, and luckily thee was! If you have one near you, I'd definitely check it out. They have had many Pixar things (mainly Toy Story, MU and Cars stuff) that I have not found anywhere else. It has been a great spot to check during my weekly toy runs so if you're a collector as I am, definitely check it out! 

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