Friday, December 13, 2013

Toy Story 1 2 & 3: Zing Ems Wave 2

A few weeks ago I was super excited to find an unexpected wave 2 of the Toy Story Zing Ems at Target! I had no idea these were even being released and there they were. Since then, I have searched eBay, Amazon and Google Images (just out of curiosity) and I can't even find a single picture of these new ones. They're kind of unknown right now which made me even more excited.

Check out my post about WAVE 1 of the Toy Story Zing Ems

This new wave includes eight fun new characters and a Woody and Buzz variant for a total of 10 new Zing Ems :

Action Buzz Lightyear (different from the wave 1 Buzz. This one has a green bottom and a different facial expression) and an Army Man!

Hamm and Lenny!

Lotso and Shark (with Woody's Hat)!

Hero Woody (different facial expression from the "Sheriff Woody" in wave 1) and Stretch! If you look close to Stretch, you can see she has a cool glitter paint job.

Bullseye and Buttercup!

If you collect these, keep an eye out for them. Maybe these were released early at my store by accident and that's why I can't find them anywhere online. It's a mystery! Either way, they should be widely available pretty soon I imagine. 

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today and check back daily for updates from my Pixar collection! 

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