Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cars: Mater with Hood

Here is the "Mater with Hood" 1:55 diecast from Mattel! This was a chase edition car released quite a few years ago (before the Cars 2 series started in 2011). Mater with his old hood can be seen during the epilogue/end credits of the original Cars. While fishing off a ledge he pulls up his old blue hood and exclaims "It's my hood! It's my hood! I aint seen this thing in 20 years!" (screen shot above) 

Mater with Hood was only released as a "lenticular" car (which means his eyes change as you move in back and forth) and is number 134 in that series.
For a chase car, he's very easy to find. Check out Amazon and you can snag him for about 7 bucks if you were looking!

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