Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cars 2: Barrel Blowout Track Set

Following my post on the Mattel Cars 2 Stunt Ramp Getaway Track Set from back in July, here is another track set from the same line..."Barrel Blowout!'

This is one of six track sets that connect to make an awesome chain reaction! The six include Stunt Ramp Getaway, (this) Barrel Blowout, Spy Jet Escape, Tokyo Spinout, Cliffside Challenge and the Big Bentley Breakout. Look for more posts on these track sets soon!

This track set represents the opening scene from Cars 2 when Finn escapes the oil rig. The set also includes two vehicles: one plastic 1:55 scale Finn Mcmissile and one plastic unnamed "Crane" character. 

 Check out the short video below to see this set in action!

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