Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cars 2: Cliffside Challenge Track Set

Here is the Mattel Cars 2 1:55 scale "Cliffside Challenge" track set! With this, you can recreate the fun and excitement of the Porto Corsa race seen during the Wolrd Grand Prix in the film.

Not only that, this is one of six sets that connect to make an awesome chain reaction! The others include Stunt Ramp Getaway, Barrel Blowout, Spy Jet Escape, Tokyo Spinout, and the Big Bentley Breakout.

This set comes with one plastic 1:55 scale Francesco car and is meant to be used with the diecast line as well. 

My only complaint with this set is that it was a little tricky putting it together. The directions had no words, only pictures, and it was hard to tell what track pieces connected together. Anyone else have this problem who am I just really bad at following directions to assemble things?

 And here is a brief video of the set in action. Of course, it's much more exiting once all the other five track sets are connected:

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