Friday, December 27, 2013

Cars: Red and Stanley Movie Moment

Originally released in the first wave of the Pixar Cars line in 2006 as a "Movie Moment", here we have Red the lovable firetruck and Stanley; the founder of Radiator Springs! 

This 2-pack was also released in the "Supercharged" and the "World of Cars" lines. Red on his own (as a Deluxe Oversized) was released again with Cars 2 in 2011, this past year (2012/2013), and again for 2014. There have been many opportunities to get him so don't miss out! Stanley the statue, however, hasn't been released for a while and is a bit harder to find online for a good price.

I absolutely love this set. Stanley has awesome detail (and a great paint job) and is an all around vibrant and well made diecast. These cars are Mattel's 1:55 scale in size.

 In the Cars films and shorts, Red is often seen watering the plants near the statue of Stanley.

Check out how perfect the Stanley statue is with the rest of the Radiator Springs play sets HERE!

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