Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cars 2: Sir Harley Gassup

My original 2011/2012 Cars 2 diecast collection is finally complete with the addition of the "Chase" Sir Harley Gassup, the Lord Steward who appears in the film along side the Queen at the London race and Mater's knighting!

I was never able to track this down at stores when it was first released and has sold only for higher prices online since. He seemed to have a distribution that felt more like a "Super Chase" car rather than just a regular "Chase."

I was SO excited yesterday when my wife Brita surprised me with a mystery Amazon package and wanted to give it to me as a little "just because" present! I had no idea what it was and was so surprised when I opened it up. This car was a long time coming! That was extremely loving of Brita and I can't thank her enough.

Trivia (from Pixar Wiki):

  • Harley is a Tatra 87, a Czechoslovak car.
  • He is named after Cars 2's production designer Harley Jessup
  • Concept art shows the Tatra 87 was first envisaged to be a member of the Lemons group.
His one line in the film is :  "Your Majesty, may I present for the investiture of honorary knighthood of the British Realm, Tow Mater of Radiator Springs!"—Sir Harley Gassup announcing Mater.


  1. This is one of my favorite cars that they've released - it's such a cool look. Well, that was a very pleasant surprise!! Luckily I got mine when I bought a case and he was in it.

  2. I agree! It's so different than any other car and a great was a must have even if it did take some time! Totally worth it. How often do you buy cases? Is that how you mostly collect your cars? I hear of people doing that but I don't know how. Do you just sell the extra ones? Did you ever get the last 2 super chases you needed?

  3. I usually don't buy cases (this is the only one I've ever bought) because of all the extras that you get (usually too many Francesco's)! Ha! But I bought the case Harley came in because there were only a few extras and it had two super chases in the case. I figured there was no other way I'd find them in stores (or I'd pay way more on eBay).

    If you ever wanted to get a case Met will put the links to Children's Toy Closet or another site he partners with on the Take Five a Day posts about the cases. They jack the price up on some of them, but others are fair. The only hiccup would be the extra shipping as well.

    Nope, still looking for those extra super-chases...but I'm on hold for shopping for Cars right now...Julie gave me the directive that I wasn't able to buy ANY Cars until after Christmas! :( I can't even check the Cars isles at stores we go to because she doesn't want me to see what's out there. It's kind of fun that I can't look right now because it's building the excitement for Christmas morning even more! Ha!