Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cars 2: Yukio (Super Chase)

Happy New Year!

I'm so exited to FINALLY have all three of the 2013 Cars 2 Super Chase diecasts! In addition to Yukio here, the two other Super Chase cars released this year were Takeshi and Hiroaki.

For those of you who are less familiar with Mattel's 1:55 diecast line of cars, "Super Chase" cars mean that there are only about 4,000 units produced of the character. They're extremely difficult to find!

All three of these Super Chase characters appeared in Cars 2 while Mater and Mcqueen watched what seems to be the Japanese version of the TV show "Wipeout." Yukio (as seen in the screen shot above) was the car who you see go through the obstacle course.

Have you had any luck finding these Super Chase cars? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to be on the look out in 2014 with the release of 5 more Super Chase cars-The circus cars from the Cars end credit scene! (preview image seen below)

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