Monday, January 6, 2014

Pixar Collection: Pixar Racers

For Christmas, I got this fantastic set of Pixar Racers! This was available at but has since sold out so I'm so happy I finally got it. I know this was available at the Disney Parks as well but I don't know if it's still available there. If you're interested in tracking down this set, I have seen a few on eBay currently for about $50-$70.

For years I have seen these racers when I've gone to Disney World and always wanted to get then. I had only seen them sold on individual cards so when I saw this set (with an awesome Pixar Studios box which is as cool as the racers), I knew this had to be part of my collection.

This set includes 11 very well made 1:64 scale diecast cars, all hand painted with no stickers, in the style of some of your favorite Pixar characters! It's absolutely fantactic and the designs are really creatively done.

The racers/characters included are: Bruce, Nemo, Wall-E, Buzz, Woody, Zurg, Pizza Planet Alien, Syndrome, Mr. Incredible, Mike and Sulley. If you're a fan of Disney, Pixar, diecast vehicles in general, or all of the above, this is a definitely for you!


  1. Wow, what didn't you get for Christmas!? :) Also, the best part of this is the box that it comes in - always great to see the Pixar brick pattern.

  2. I agree! The packaging is just as cool, if not cooler, than the cars : ) That's what really caught my eye when I saw it!