Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wall-E: InterAction Wall-E

How did I not get this "InterAction" (Interactive) Wall-E when it was first released in 2008? I thought I would be right on that...I mean having my own working mini Wall-E robot? Come on, that's too cool. So now, I'm finally lucky enough to have it thanks to my parents. This was such an awesome Christmas surprise! This Wall-E is made by Pixar's classic "go to" toy company, Thinkway Toys.

What's funny is, now that I think about it, I actually got this for my nephew Jack's 4th birthday back in June 2008! It's strange that I didn't get it for myself as well. Below is a picture I dug up (I wanted to confirm it was the same one, sure enough it is!) of me with him, giving him his Wall-E at his party:
June, 2008-Giving Wall-E to my nephew for his birthday

Anyway, moving on...I thought that was kind of an interesting side story (at least for me).

This Wall-E is just awesome. He's not remote controlled so he doesn't tread around on his own (you'd need the "U-Command Wall-E" for that) but he talks, lights up, moves his arms/head and responds to your voice. He also responds to the "InterAction Eve" toy (seen HERE).

Below on the back of the package is where you can read more about this Wall-E's features.

 I haven't taken him out of the box yet, so I don't have any pictures or video of him loose (I'm keeping him nice until I can give it to kids someday), but I do have this brief video of his "try me" features to give you a taste of how this Wall-E works:

 Of course, Wall-E's voice and sound effects are as movie accurate as you can get! 

 Thinkway Toys had a pretty extensive collection of Wall-E toys back when the film came out and for whatever reason, I didn't jump on really any of them then. Check out Thinkway's official Wall-E page to see a pretty definitive list of all the toys that were originally released in their line! Many the products can still be found pretty easily on eBay, so check it out to see if you're interested in any of them.

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UPDATE: The Interaction Wall-E and Eve have now been officially re-released as Toy R Us exclusives! Get them while you can, this is a great opportunity.


  1. What's really sad is that my nephew got this as well and I thought, "Wow, that's really cool"...but for some reason I didn't get it either! I think it's essential now!! Congrats on getting this great toy!

  2. That's what I thought! Totally essential to have your own Wall-e robot lol :) That's crazy-yet another random thing in common that you got your nephew this back in the day and didn't get it for yourself as well. Too funny! And some guy messaged me on instagram today wanting it and he said he ALSO got it for his nephew when it came out and didn't get it for himself...but now he wants it too! I'm sensing a trend haha

    Now if only I can get the Eve one that goes with it : )

    Do you prefer this one or the "UCommand" one?

  3. Ha! Yeah, the only difference here is that I actually didn't get it for my nephew...but he got it as a gift when I was at his party from my Sister (so that kind of counts)! :)

    I'm kind of torn between the versions - I like the simplicity of this one, but the UCommand one is cool because of the extra things he can do. Still can't decide which one I might go after.

  4. Hey any idea how much wall-e could be worth? New still in box :) i heard hes really rare.

  5. Hey there! I'm seeing this wall-e being sold in the package from anywhere around $150-$250 :) hope that helps!