Saturday, January 4, 2014

Monsters University: Class Ring Keychain

One of my super fun surprises for Christmas from my parents was this awesome Monsters University class ring keychain!

This keychain was released around October 2012 on the website (check it out if you haven't before!) long before we knew much about the film. The website was part of Pixar's awesome marketing campaign where they advertised MU as if it was an actual school. It was our first little glimpse into the film and even though there wasn't anything about the actual movie on there, it was still super exciting! 

Of course, with any official university website, a campus store is a must that's what they created! The store included simply designed items that sported the MU logo and were meant to show off your MU pride through things such as mugs, a hat, a glass tumbler, a pennant, a car window decal, a license plate cover, a composition book, a notebook, this class ring, a backpack and a variety of different shirts/sweatshirts.

These MU campus store items were then released on the Disney Store's website the next year and that's when I decided to start collecting some of the items. I don't know why I didn't jump on it right away!

For this past Christmas, I wasn't even expecting any, but my super fun parents found this on their own along with a few more of the MU store items that I'll be posting about soon. 

Everything about this ring (the design, detail, quality, etc...) is absolutely fantastic. It looks and feels just like a real college class ring. It's made from Lustrium which is described as "an attractive durable non-precious white metal." This is such an awesome collector's piece for anyone who is a fan of Monsters U! I can't recommend this enough.

There are two sculptured "bas relief" designs on the ring (one on each side). One is an image of the scarring school and one is of the MU logo. So cool right? 

And here is it currently...right on my keychain! And yes, I'm extra careful with it on there not to scuff or scratch it up.

This is still available on the, so definitely grab it before it's gone for good! Price is $39.95.

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