Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Incredibles: Art of Book

Continuing my collection of the "Art Of" books by Chronicle Publishing, here is "The Art of the Incredibles" by Mark Cotta Vaz! 

All of the "Art of" books are "incredible" and this one is no exception. Inside, after a brief foreword by Brad Bird and John Lasseter, you get right into the making and art of this "incredible" film.

As usual, the pages are full colored and vibrant. There's a reason these books retail for $40...everything from the hardcover to the beautifully printed pages (featuring concept art and commentary on the making of the film) denotes the highest quality.

I've always loved The Incredibles, who doesn't? However, it wasn't until the last few years (for whatever reason) that I REALLY started loving the film even more. The movie is just top notch Pixar and brilliantly written. I was really excited to get this book and learn more about the creative process that went into the making of this masterpiece (beyond what I've learned from the DVD special features.)

I can't honestly do a full review here (since I haven't read the whole thing yet) but just from looking through and skimming some so far, it is up there with the best "Art of" books.

I love the style and almost retro feel to The Incredibles and it's really neat to see (as always) how they got to the final designs you see in the film. If you're a fan of The Incredibles, art, animation, Disney, Pixar, or all of the above, this is the book for you! You can snag it on Amazon now for only $28.

A big thanks to my super hero fan Brother and Sister in Law, Rob and Laurie, for hooking me up with this for this past Christmas. Love it! 
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