Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monsters University: Collectible Figurine "Carry On" (LE 500)

Here is the Disney Store exclusive Monsters University collectible figurine called "Carry On!" This is a limited edition piece of only 500 made (I got number 305) and was available on for a very brief time. I absolutely love it and I was SO excited to get it for Christmas!

So this actually has a pretty interesting story behind it; I showed my mom this way back when it was out last summer just because I thought it was cool but didn't actually expect to get it. A few months later she asked me "whatever happened to that Monsters University statue you liked?" I told her it had been sold out for a while and was impossible to find...
  ...But my mom, being the determined collector for me (and all my siblings if they are looking for something specific) as she is, had an idea. She was not giving up so easily on this since her mind was now set on finding this for me. 

She found it on the Disney Store UK website still in stock, but lo and behold they do not ship to the US-no exceptions. 

She then had another idea. We know a family, the Gardners, who came here to the US from England a few years back and our families became very good friends. My mom's thought was, we could ask them if they have any friends still in England that would be willing to order it for us and then ship it to us once received.

I reached out to the Gardners and sure enough they were extremely nice and willing to help out! They contacted a friend in the UK and that person was willing to order the item and then ship it to us.

When he got it, the statue was broken! He sent it back and ordered a new one for us (and luckily there was still some in stock). We were so happy that he checked it before he sent it all the way to us in Connecticut! That would have been sad to receive it broken, so I was so happy he checked.

So after all was said and done, we received the statue just in time for Christmas in perfect condition. Phewww! It was quite the process but I'm so glad it all worked out! The statue has since sold out on all Disney Store websites.

A huge thanks to the Gardners and their mystery friend who were so willing to help us out! We couldn't have done it without you.

The figurine stands at about 8-9 inches tall at the tallest point, I believe, and is of course very breakable (I'm not sure what material it is, but maybe resin?). As it states on the bottom, this is a "decorative item only."

I always loved the scene in the movie and what it represents. Dan Scanlon, the director of MU, mentioned in the audio commentary that he literally wanted Sulley to carry these characters since he had not been very supportive up to this point in the film (It's symbolic in a way).

And of course one last BIG thank you to my parents for this Christmas present and for finding a way to track it down! I have never seen it online anywhere, not even an image, since.


  1. Wow - cool and crazy story about how it was broken and then luckily they were still in stock to get another one. Oh, also, the edition size is now 499 since one was taken out of circulation since it was broken! :)

  2. Ha, You're right, didn't think about that! : ) Thanks for reading and commenting as always!