Monday, January 13, 2014

Monsters University: MU Hat

Yet another incredible surprise for Christmas, the official Disney Parks MU baseball cap!! This item has been sold out for quite a while now and as of right now, there is just one on eBay selling for $100. I don't know how much my parents spent but I hope it wasn't that much! Pretty crazy, I had no idea it was that rare.

UPDATE: This hat is of course not rare any more. Now it's the most popular hat at Disney World/Land! Just about every other person there is wearing one now, but at the time I got this, this hat was sold out and sought after.

Me Christmas morning (2013) just having opened my MU hat!

There were three official MU hats made. One was available online at the MU "campus store" back during the film's marketing campaign, one that was available only at Pixar Studios for the MU press event (which I hear is the best quality one made) and then there's this one which was only available at Disney Parks. The main difference compared to the other two is that this one (the Park's version) has Mike's signature wear and tear in the corner of the bill (as seen below) while the campus store and press event versions were not distressed.

The one with the tear is the one I wanted (since it's just how it is in the film) and I'm so excited to actually have this awesome hat. I love it! Again, A HUGE thanks to my parents!


  1. Wow, I had no idea they'd be so rare - I picked one of them up at DisneyLand when I was there but decided against it since I already had the version from the "fake" Monsters University site and then also had the version from the Monsters U press event at Pixar (yup, a third version). The press event hat didn't have the wear and tear either, but the hat quality is the highest itself (material, logo and stitching).

  2. yah me either! I didn't know till I just checked on eBay and saw how much it was selling for! Thanks for letting me know about the press event version. I'll had that to the post! It's funny, I think when I wanted an MU hat was when I saw you wearing it during your MU review vid on youtube back in April. That video was when I basically first found you both and became a huge fan!

  3. Wow, that's a cool little tidbit! Thanks!