Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cars: Barry Diesel

Here is the Mattel diecast, Barry Diesel! Barry was seen in the first Cars (screenshot above), a racing mega fan who is a pretty recognizable background character.

This diecast was a 2011 online exclusive, sold at

It was pretty hard to find and sought after for a while but it's easy to find now for a decent price. It was originally being sold primarily at Matty Collector and Children's Toy Closet but has since been available through other websites. I got this for Christmas from Amazon for about $37 and free shipping!

 Everything is metal/diecast except for the hat and cans.
 Barry comes in this really cool collectible package and  is a great collector's item for any Pixar/Cars fan!


  1. You're right that it was sold through Matty Collector's site - Children's Toy Closet had bought a ton of them through there so that's why they had so many, but it was only an exclusive through Matty Collector! I love Barry - it's such a unique one and I was happy to see it produced!

  2. Yah I saw you had Barry in your instagram pic of a portion of your Cars collection! It is a fantastic car, absolutely. Love the case and just the size of it. Great collector's piece. And thanks again for the additional info...I'll update this post now as well!