Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monsters University: Disney Store Dean Hardscrabble and Archie Figures

Here we have the Disney Store exclusive Dean Hardscrabble and Archie figures! These were only available as exclusive "pack ins" to a recent Monsters University figure 10 pack at the Disney Store-which has since sold out online but is available on eBay for around $50.  

When Monsters University first came out last year, I was so excited for the release of the action figures (since I have the original Monsters Inc. figures from 2001). The dilemma I had though was whether to get the Disney Store's figures or Spin Master's "Scare Student" figures (since basically the same exact eight characters were being made by both as well as being very similar in size and design). 

I ultimately favored Spin Master's figures and collected them instead of the Disney Store's versions.

However, when the Disney Store released a 10-pack of figures late last year (In November I think), and I saw that it included exclusive Hardscrabble and Archie figures, I knew I needed to get my hands on those without having to buy the whole pack. Since the Disney Store and Spin Master figures are the same size, I figured they would fit in perfectly with my Spin Master line (since I'm assuming Spin Master won't be releasing these characters). I figured this would be my chance to add these characters to my collection, but how? 

I checked eBay often to see if anyone was selling them loose by themselves and found nothing.

Finally, just last week, I found a seller who was selling both loose for very reasonable prices and free shipping! I was SO excited.

These figures are astonishing. They rival any of the previously released figures by both Spin Master and the Disney Store. The detail is incredible...but the thing that stood out to me when I opened the box was just how big Hardscrabble is. Wow!

Look at the detail in the wing alone:

Hardscrabble even as a button on her back that gives her wing flapping action! 

Archie is fantastic as well with loads of detail. He stands up without any problems and even has a fuzzy texture! I wasn't expecting that but I love it. 

And here they are with my Spin Master MU figure collection! Just like I thought, they go absolutely perfect together:

If you're on the fence about tracking down these figures, I hope this post convinced you. You won't regret it whether you collect the Disney Store OR the Spin Master figures. I have a feeling these two will be very hard to find in the pretty near future so get them while you have the chance. Contact me if you need help finding the eBay listing for these two! The seller does have more available.

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