Friday, March 28, 2014

Brave: Art of Book

Here is another fantastic "Art of" book from Chronicle publishing, The Art of Brave by Jenny Lerew with preface by John Lasseter and foreword by the film's directors Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews!

I was so happy to have received this as a St. Patrick's Day present from my parents. I justified that it would make a great present for the holiday since her cape is green and that her hair is orange (even though the film's location is Scotland, not Ireland).

Even though Brave got lukewarm reviews and is one of the least favorited of Pixar's films, there's no denying that the art direction in the film is just gorgeous. This was Pixar's first period piece that presented many challenges but how they pulled it off is outstanding. There is so much detail and realism in every shot, from the sweeping landscapes to the character interaction. 

This book has some great concept art, storyboards and more (including some really cool photographs from the team's research trips to Scotland). There is so much to enjoy in this book with a ton of behind the scenes insights that made me appreciate the film even more.

 I love the fairytale/fable feel to all the art. It really is beautiful and I definitely recommend picking this up so you can experience all of the 160 insightful pages. 

You can pick this on Amazon (currently on sale for a great price of only $22.83!) or on eBay below:

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