Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cars 2: Race Team Sarge with Headset

Here is another brand new release from Mattel's 2014 Cars 2 diecast collection...Race Team Sarge with Headset (otherwise known as Pit Crew Member Sarge)! He is part of the "95 Pit Crew" sub-line which also includes Fillmore, Mater and others with headsets.

There has been one other Sarge with Headset released but it was only available as a lights and sounds version.

This one is just showing up at store now and I was lucky enough to find it last week at my local Walmart. Definitely head to your local stores if you're trying to track him down! He just might be there.  If you can't seem to find him or don't have the patience to run to store to store, you can get him on eBay below:
 Cars 2: Race Team Member Sarge with Headset

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