Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monsters University: OK Toddler Shirt

Another one of my Christmas surprises from my parents this past year was this toddler size (2-3 years) version of the Disney Store Monsters University OK (Oozma Kappa) shirt that I have! Now me and my future little guy can be matching MU fans someday. 

This was an awesome little unexpected treat. My parents tied it with a Christmas ribbon (seen above) and put it inside my Monsters University luggage gift (also for my future son/kids) alongside the tickets they got me for my wife and I to go to Pixar in Concert! I can't thank them enough for all the Pixar magic they always hook me up with. This was such a fun idea!

All sizes of this shirt have since sold out at the Disney Store and, surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be any up on eBay either. Keep checking though, some might come up.

Thanks, as always, for visiting and supporting my blog! Be sure to check back daily for even more items from my Pixar collection.


  1. Now that is some early planning! I thought Julie and I were bad, but this is great!

  2. Ha! Yah I'm definitely a plan ahead kind of guy when it comes to collectibles for my kids cause I know they're only around for a short time! : ) Glad I got this here's hopin for a boy!

  3. Yeah, you're right on how short the collectibles are around. We ended up buying some Brave things that were clearly geared towards a girl...but alas, we have a boy now! :)

  4. Well if we have a girl we can trade baby stuff cause I have lots for a boy! haha