Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Toy Story 3: The Essential Guide

Yup, here's another "Essential Guide" book!

 These books always chock-full of lots of fun info about characters, plot points, props, fun trivia ("Did you know?" facts), quotes, stats and much more! They are definitely geared more to a younger crowed, but I still say they're great for learning so many simple things about the films that you might not get from just watching them. They're just as fun for adults, or at least I speak for myself.

This book is hardcover and has 48 quality, insightful, colorful pages.

If you're a Toy Story fan, I definitively recommend picking this up. You can find it on Amazon or eBay below:
Toy Story 3: The Essential Guide

  You can find an "Essential Guide" for every Pixar film except A Bug's Life.

Check out my "Books" label to the right the explore my growing collection of Pixar books and to see more of the Essential Guides that I own. More to come!

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