Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cars: Leroy Traffik

Leroy Traffik is the struggling mini van (with a flat tire) seen passing sleepy Mack on the highway in the original Cars. I always find this scene pretty hilarious, especially the little "mimimimimimi" sounds Leroy makes as he passes Mack and Lightning's response "A mini van?!"

This diecast has been released a few times over the years: This one from the Race O Rama collection, the latest one found at Toy R Us as a Radiator Springs Classic and in The World of Cars series from a few years back. With all his releases, he's not a hard one to track down on eBay.

An interesting tidbit, Leroy is also seen at the end of Cars during the end credits epilogue. He can be seen coming out of Luigi's with brand new, heavy duty snow tires. A Leroy Traffik diecast based on his appearance with snow tires was also released by Mattel (as a deluxe vehicle). 

You can pick up Leroy on eBay if you haven't been able to find him at the store:

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  1. Since you mentioned the Leroy Traffik with snow tires, do you also have that one? I don't know if it's because this car is so unique with the mattress on top or what, but I love this one - it always makes me laugh.

  2. This one cracks me up too! I laugh at that scene every time. And yah as you know now I don't have the snow tires one...yet!! : ) Soon enough though...