Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day & Night: Book

 This has to be one of the nicest of the books Pixar has released and is based one of my top favorite shorts. From Chronicle Books Publishing, here we have the beautiful hardcover picture book of Day & Night written and illustrated by the short film's director, Teddy Newton!

I'm a big fan of when Pixar releases books based on their short films and, needless to say, I jumped on this one as soon as I saw it. This book was released in 2010 to coincide with the film's release alongside Toy Story 3 in theaters.

It's kind of fun to have words written for this book since the short film doesn't have any dialog (or at least none spoken by the main characters). While this book version lacks the full strength of the film, it's still a fun summary of a genius story with great pictures. 

The book is 32 pages and is 8.2 x 8.3 inches in size. Here are some of the fun pages to expect:

 On the back there is also a quote by the man himself, John Lasseter, praising the film for its cleverness, originality and message.

 In addition, there was a YouTube video released that features director/author Teddy Newton talking about some of what was involved with making his film into a book.

You can pick this up on Amazon or on eBay below: 

I definitely recommend this book to any Pixar fan. Pick one up today!

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