Monday, March 17, 2014

Pixar Collection: Short Films Volumes 1 & 2

The short films of Pixar are an important part of the studio's history. Years before Toy Story, Pixar's early short films (such as The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. and the iconic Luxo Jr.) served as not only a way to test out the developing technology at the time, but to tell fun, short films with emotion and heart. The early short films really set the tone and style for the Pixar films we enjoy today and were a crucial part in the studio's success. 

When A Bug's Life was released in theaters in 1998, it was the first time Pixar included a short (Geri's Game, the classic story of an old man beating himself at chess) to precede their full length film. Since then, it has become a tradition to include a short with each new film release and that trend has yet to be broken.

With these two DVD/BluRay sets, you can own every single Pixar short film from The Adventures of Andre and Wally B all the way through La Luna. Also included are some director's commentaries and even some early short films by "Pixarians" before Pixar was even organized.
Volume One:

 Volume Two:

If you haven't yet, I would definitely recommend picking these up! It's very nice to have all the short films available in two very convenient volumes rather than having to search through all the full length films' special features.   

The short films are a huge part of what makes the Pixar special. Each one has its own magic, wit, charm and heart and I always look forward to what's to come. Bring on Volume 3!

You can pick up these volumes on Amazon here (Volume one) and here (Volume 2).

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