Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cars 2: Funny Car Mater

You've probably realized that I've been posting quite a few cars lately...and there's many more to come! My Cars & Cars 2 diecasts are a big part of my Pixar collection. I've posted quite a few periodically up to this point but now it's going to be just about every day for a while. So, if you're a fan of Cars you'll enjoy the posts ahead! 

Today I'm going back a couple years (to 2012, I believe) with the deluxe "Funny Car Mater" from the original Cars 2 line. I really enjoy all the Mater disguise/costume diecasts Mattel has released. At this point, I think they've made them all! The only one I'm missing (and hope they re-release in the U.S.) is the "Taco Truck Mater" which was only available in Europe. 
This is a fun diecast with a solid, movie accurate design and sculpt. If you're a Mater fan and haven't tracked him down yet, he's not rare or hard to find. He can be found on Amazon or eBay below: 
Cars 2 Funny Car Mater

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back daily for more cars, both old and new, coming soon!

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