Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cars 2: Lee Race

Here is Lee Race, one of the latest 2014 diecast Cars 2 releases from Mattel! As with all of Mattel's diecast cars, this character is 1:55 scale in size.

You might be wondering when this car appeared in Cars 2...In the film, during the scene at the Wheel Well Motel (while the crew is at the bar watching "The Mel Dorado Show"), you can see Lee Race in just a brief still image during the program (when Mel is talking about Miles Axlerod's research). In the screenshot above, you can see the exact moment when Lee appears-he's the one on the right. Will we see the other scientists from this scene as diecasts soon? We can only hope!

This particular diecast is a "Chase" edition. If you're not familiar with what that means, it just means that collectors "chase" after these cars because they are released in limited quantities. They are much more rare and hard to find so I was thrilled to have found this one at my local Walmart just a few days ago.

This character is extra cool for a few reasons. First, he is a very unique choice for a diecast since his appearance in the film is so brief (love the detail of his chemist goggles). Second, he comes with a pretty cool accessory (the scientist/chemist test tube just as it appears during the scene. Mattel seems to be releasing more accessories with their diecasts lately, which I love). Third, his paint job is not just white (if you hold him up to the light, you can tell his paint is actually quite glittery. Its got kind of a metallic finish).

For you collectors keeping track, Lee is available currently as part of Case Y. He is number 2 out of 9 of the "Mel Dorado Show" sub-line.

If you would prefer not to drive all over the place trying to "chase" this diecast down, you can order him on Amazon here, if you're willing to fork out a little more money for him.

Or, you can try to win him (or Buy It Now) on eBay using the link below: 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to check back daily for more items from my Pixar collection. There will be much more from Cars and Cars 2 coming soon, so stay tuned.

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