Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cars 2: Acer and Mater with Spy Glasses Movie Moments 2-Pack

Back in 2011, this Mattel "movie moments" 2-pack featuring 1:55 scale diecasts of Acer and Mater with Spy Glasses was released as a Walmart exclusive ("Mater's Secret Mission" sub-line); it was part of the original Cars 2 series.

The strange thing about this pack is the inclusion of Mater with Spy Glasses, as nowhere in the entire film does he appear this way. Could this be an abandoned concept that was cut from the film after Mattel had already created the diecast? Or was it made up completely by Mattel? Shout out what you think below! 

Acer, of course, is seen throughout the film and is one of the main "lemon" villains.

If you're interested in adding this set to your collection, be sure to check out Amazon or eBay (using the link) for the best deals:
Cars 2: Acer and Mater with Spy Glasses 2-Pack

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