Friday, December 5, 2014

Finding Nemo: Anglerfish Light-Up Action Figure (Disney On Ice)

A few months ago, I saw this Finding Nemo Anglerfish figure pop up on my eBay news feed. I was like, "whoa...never seen that before! I gotta have it, everyone knows this iconic scene from the movie." Unfortunately, it was selling for around $70 which was far beyond the price range I was willing to pay for it. A few more popped up on eBay a couple weeks later, but they were also selling for quite a bit.

I did some extensive research on this toy, yet found close to no info on it whatsoever. The only conclusions I could make is that it was an electronic toy and that it was very rare. 

Just last week I was able to win this one on eBay for a really decent price! I was extremely excited. And after a bit more research, I found out that this was in fact a Disney·Pixar Finding Nemo DISNEY ON ICE exclusive figure. 

The toy is made from a thick, sturdy PVC material and measures about 7.5" long (11" counting the "dorsal appendage") and roughly 3" wide. See size comparison with my hand below.

What really cool about this toy, is the aforementioned light-up feature. Press the top button on his spine to light up his back, eyes and the illicium (the ball of light that dangles from the dorsal appendage). Press the second button on his spine to change the light's colors and blinking patterns (about 12 light patterns total).

Additionally, pull on his tale to open and close his frightening mouth! I guess you could say he has "chomping action"— perfect for chowing down on little Marlin and Dory toys. Speaking of that, this great figure is the absolute perfect size to be played with (or displayed) alongside the Hasbro Finding Nemo collection of figures seen HERE.

This is a really fun, well made toy, with some awesome paint details and features. Be sure to check out my brief YouTube video demonstration of the lights and action feature below: 

Also, if you're looking to track down this figure for your Pixar collection, be sure to check eBay often (using the link below) as they do pop up quite often:
Finding Nemo: Light-up Anglerfish Action Figure

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