Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cars 2: Jessica Giampetrol & Nate Stanchion 2-Pack

Merry Christmas Eve to all!

Here's another fantastic brand new Cars 2 movie moments 2-pack featuring "Allinol" scientists Jessica Giampetrol and Nate Stanchion! These are 1:55 scale diecasts from Mattel and are part of the 2014 "Mel Dorado Show" sub-series (#s 7 and 8 out of 9).

As shown on the left side of the screenshot above, these characters appear briefly in the film during the "Mel Dorado Show" news story that covered Miles Axlerod and his alternative fuel called Allinol. They are some of the "scientists" that worked on developing the fuel, alongside side Lee Race (who was also released earlier this year, seen HERE).

I love the addition of the notepad accessory included here in this set and that Jessica is holding onto a test tube like in the film! Also, you can't tell from my picture, but yes, Nate is holding his screen accurate pencil as well.

It's a little hard to tell here in the pictures, but their paint job is a sparkly, metallic finish and not just plain white; very well done.

If you're looking to find this 2-pack for your collection, head to your local store for a good chance at finding it (since it was literally just released). I found it just last week at my local Walmart. Otherwise, you can pretty easily just find this online on Amazon or eBay. Good luck on the hunt as you fellow collectors finish up your 2014 Cars collection as I'm trying to do.

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