Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pixar Collection: VHS Tapes

For the past week, I've been visiting my home in Connecticut for Christmas break. It always brings back so many great childhood memories being home, since nothing ever seems to change around here. While I was hanging out in my basement today, I started looking at the shelf down there that's filled with all the VHS tapes I grew up watching...pretty much all there still right in the same spot!

I then noticed my original VHS copies of Toy Story and A Bug's life and thought to my myself, "hey, these are just as much a part of my Pixar collection as anything else I have"; so I figured I'd throw them up here on the blog, cause, why not? These are the only two VHS Pixar movies I ever got since, by the time Toy Story 2 was released on "home video", DVDs were available.

I vaguely remember getting Toy Story when it was released but I vividly remember getting A Bug's Life. I remember my dad picking me up from school (I was in fourth grade) and having the VHS there waiting for me in the car. You probably recall that when A Bug's Life was released on video, there were five front covers to choose from featuring either Flik, Francis, Heimlich, Hopper or Dot. I had wanted Heimlich since he was my favorite character at the time (and probably still is) and my dad surprised me with it that day.Which cover did you have back in the day? Shout it out in the comments below!

I also thought it was a tad interesting to see how prominent "Disney" is on the original Toy Story cover and tape and how "Pixar Animation Studios" is much less noticeable in the bottom corner. I bet Pixar felt jipped as it seems it didn't take long for them to get their name alongside Disney's (since the A Bug's Life cover has it how we know it today-with both company names equally above the film's logo).

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