Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cars: Todd Pizza Planet Truck

You're probably here because you're, and I'm guessing here, a Pixar fan; and if you're a Pixar fan you most likely know of the famous Pixar Pizza Planet truck "Easter egg". If you're not aware of what I'm referring to, I'll give you a quick overview.

It all started with the original Toy Story, where the now famous and iconic Pizza Planet delivery truck made its first appearance and played a significant role in the film. Ever since then, the truck has made very brief background cameo appearances (usually pretty hidden, why it's known as an "Easter egg") in almost every Pixar film to date- all except The Incredibles for whatever reason. It's now almost like a game, where Disney/Pixar fans try to search for the truck's appearance in every new release from the studio. To see where it shows up in each film, check out the Pizza Planet Truck Pixar Wiki Page.

When both Cars films were released, the fact that the Pizza Planet truck would show up was inevitable - and sure enough it did. Not only that, but he became an actual "living" character in the signature style of "the world of Cars" (adding eyes to the windshield and a mouth to the bumper) and received "Todd" as a name. 

In the screen shots above, you can see Todd's most prevalent appearances in both films; during the Los Angeles International Speedway race near the end of Cars and during the Radiator Springs Grand Prix race near the end of Cars 2. He also makes a couple more appearances that are harder to spot (such as in Cars 2 when he is seen briefly on the television screen at the Wheel Well Motel).

In 2008/2009, Mattel released their 1:55 scale diecast of the character in the "Race O Rama" series, which became very sought after and hard to find. The bad news was that I was never able to get him when he was available and didn't want to pay the high prices he was selling for online...the good news, however, came this year when I found out he was finally being re-released as part of the 2014 series! After all this time, I would finally have a second chance to add Todd to my Cars collection.

I was thrilled when I found Todd recently and he doesn't disappoint. This has got to be one of my favorite Cars diecasts of all time, not just because of his iconic design, but because of the great detail as well. I especially love that "YO" is included on the back, since that was a detail of the truck seen only in the Toy Story films.

This character has been proven to be still as popular as he was when he was released a few years back. It's very difficult to find this re-release at the store (at least in my area) and seemed almost as hard to track down as a "chase" edition car.

If you're still struggling to find this one at a store near you, be sure to head to Amazon or eBay using the link below for the best deals:
Cars: Todd Pizza Planet Truck

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