Monday, December 29, 2014

Cars: Ponchy Wipeout (Bumper Save)

The new 2015 series of Mattel Disney/Pixar 1:55 scale cars have begun trickling out over the past month or so...and I was lucky enough to find the first case of the new year at my local Walmart this past week! Here we have Ponchy Wipeout (also known by his sponsor, Bumper Save), a re-release, # 3/18 of this new year's "Piston Cup" sub-line.

This character is seen very briefly during the opening Piston Cup race at the beginning of Cars; he's one of the racers, but he goes by in a blur so it's very hard to spot him.

I love the 2015 design of the package, it's so fresh! It's always nice to get a new card design with the start of the new year. If you missed Ponchy's previous releases, be sure to keep your eyes out for this one in stores now. He should just be getting pretty easy to find - good luck on the hunt!

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