Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dan the Pixar Fan: Official Logo

I'm absolutely thrilled to reveal my very first official "Dan the Pixar Fan" blog logo, created by my brother - the extremely talented and generous Rob Taylor of Herofied Art!

Ever since I started this blog (wow, almost a year and a half ago at this point), I've always thought it would be great to brand myself with some sort of memorable logo associated with my blog and social media accounts; something instantly recognizable, iconic and clearly Pixar, yet very simple, colorful and minimal at the same time. I wanted it much different than any of the other great "Pixar fan site" logos out there (i.e. keeping away from the Luxo lamp since that has been done by sites before me). I considered going to my brother Rob for quite some time, since he's an amazing digital artist, but I first wanted a clear vision of what I wanted.

I pondered for a while, what other iconic Pixar imagery/elements are out there that I could use as the basis for my logo? A thought then came to me and it made perfect sense...Andy's toy chest from Toy Story! This is something that Disney/Pixar fans absolutely know (despite that it actually only makes some brief appearance in the films), is totally classic and, hence being a "toy chest", relates to the fact that this is a blog dedicated to toys and collectibles.

That was it. I now knew what I wanted in a logo as this idea had everything I was looking for.

During this past summer, I contacted Rob and pitched this idea to him. He was all in and I felt like he caught my vision immediately. However, I respected the fact that he first needed to finish his art shop's "busy season" (which included a crazy schedule selling his art at just about every comic convention on the east coast through the summer and fall) and that he would get to it as soon as he could - which meant most likely sometime in December.

This week, Rob surprised me by starting the logo I had envisioned and, after some long hours on his part, got it completed. I woke up this morning to having received the final export of the logo and I was beyond thrilled! He kept my original idea, yet put his own artistic spin on it which far surpasses my expectations. I especially love the way he added the Luxo Jr. ball (even though it is featured in other logos out there) as I feel it gives it even more of a "Pixar feel", yet isn't the prominent focus of the piece. A HUGE thanks to Rob for taking on this project for me and for being so generous with his time and talents.

If you're a fan of Star Wars, Marvel & DC Superheros, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, etc., be SURE to check out his "Herofied" art shop over at or his official website Rob is a brilliant graphic design artist with a style unseen anywhere else - he truly does "Reimagine the Imaginary." He digitally creates everything himself from the ground up (using Photoshop), in addition to adding his own photographic textures (he's also a professional photographer by trade) to give more life and detail to his images. Another unique aspect of Rob's art is that, in addition to regular prints, he also prints his art on wood and metal, which makes his shop very different from most artists out there. I can't recommend heading to check out his art enough...  It's out of this world! If you like what he's doing, be sure to like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and follow him on Instagram.

Any thoughts on this logo or Rob's "Herofied" art? Comment below!

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