Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cars: Bessie (2016 Release)

bessie screenshot

Cars collectors rejoice! The long awaited Bessie has been re-released at last. I never thought it would happen. If you're a long time Disney·Pixar Cars collector, you might understand why this release is so special.

Bessie was only released once briefly during the end of 2009/start of 2010. Since then, she (she right? Or it?) has never made a comeback...until now. Up until recently, Bessie had gone down in history for becoming one of the rarest Mattel Cars 1:55 scale diecasts ever (selling for well over $100, often close to $200 or more. In fact, an original Bessie is listed on eBay now for a crazy $299.99). Oddly enough, the 2010 Bessie is also listed for $134.99.

disney cars bessie

I think this one is so sought after because 1.) It was only released once for a brief time and 2.) because it's such a unique character! In fact, it's so unique that I don't even think you can call it a character. It wasn't alive in the film, so I think it's considered more of a tool/piece of equipment. With that said, I never would have even considered this for a diecast in the first place- but it's so strangely awesome!

Bessie here is a "Deluxe" size "diecast" (much of it is plastic) and is part of the 2016 sub-series "Sheriff's Impound Lot" (#6/6). Let's take this out of the package for a better look!

cars bessie
cars bessie
cars bessie diecastcars bessie diecast
cars bessie diecastcars bessie diecast
cars bessie diecast

As you can see, the detail on Bessie is incredible. Really great work by Mattel! The roller actually spins and there are a ton of great cement and dirt splats all over. And as seen on the back, "Bessie" is short for Basic Service Equipment.

Now let's take a look at Bessie with Mcqueen for a sense of scale! As you can tell, Bessie's size is scaled down just a tad compared to the film version, but it's close enough for sure. Also you may be wondering if Lightning can be attached- no they can't connect fully, but Bessie's front extends so that you can place it behind Lightning's back bumper and make it appear that they are.

cars bessie diecastcars bessie diecast scale
cars bessie diecast
cars bessie diecast

I was SO excited about finding this one just a couple days ago at one of my local Walmarts. I even said out loud "Oh. My. Goodness."

cars bessie diecast in store

If you're interested in snagging this for your collection, head to your nearest store and keep your eyes peeled! If you'd rather pick it up online, check out this direct link to current eBay listings or visit Amazon using the link below.

Happy hunting!

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