Monday, March 7, 2016

The Good Dinosaur: Gopher Plush

good dinosaur gopher plush toy

From Just Play Products, here we have the brand new Disney·Pixar The Good Dinosaur gopher plush toy! This can be found now exclusively at Toys R Us stores.

This adorable plush is based on the memorable little gophers seen in the film (when Spot and Arlo blow them out of their burrows). It stands at about 5 1/2" tall and is super soft (with embroidered features and plastic eyes).

good dinosaur gopher plush
good dinosaur gopher plush

If you're having a hard time tracking this down, here's the UPC label/number! This makes it easier for the employees to find it in their system.

good dinosaur gopher plush

Retail is usually $8.99, but now through March 12th, you can save 25% on this and all Good Dino merch! I was able to snag it for $6.74. They had just one on the shelf this morning! I was super thrilled to finally find it after several weeks of searching (long story).

good dinosaur gopher plush

What do you think? Any comments or questions? Shoot them off in the comments below and best of luck on the hunt!

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